We are with you from the very beginning and for every step of the way to answer any question, concern, or issue that arises. As resident experts of the Carmel, CA area we offer a wealth of knowledge and insight on a wide range of venue – from the famous gems to the secret treasures.

We handle the planning process with ease, take care of all the minute details so our clients don’t have to. We are masters of a detailed budget, excellent managers of all wedding related tasks, and the logistical masterminds of every event.

Peace of mind is the best investment you can make for yourself and your wedding day.

We make sure that what you want is what you get. By means of a comprehensive, and extensively detailed timeline of events. This script is shared with everyone involved, so that everyone is in the know as to where they need to be and when.

As your wedding day approaches, we will collaborate on an information checklist of all the items that need to be done, so on the wedding day we can handle them!

And to make your life a bit more easier, we will create a customized list of items you need to bring, and special reminders for the both of you. We plan, so you don’t have to.




Exceptional design engages the mind, heart, and soul of everyone it touches. We believe that design is not necessarily just about creating a look – but capturing a feeling. As designers we understand that we are creating more than just an aesthetic but an authentic experience. We want to design an event with you at the focal point – after all, without you there would be no us.

We endeavor to know our couples intimately so we are able to design an event perfectly tailored to their taste and style. We stop at nothing to find inspiration that speaks to your heart the most. Once we have a clear sense of your direction, we create a vision board for your approval. Together, we fine tune the details, presenting a full finished concept. We spend countless hours sourcing the finest china, luxury table tops, specialty furniture, or antique pieces.

Your imagination plus our talents can create the most magical wedding celebration to be seen by your and your guests. We promise your wedding will be nothing less than exceptional.

We can help with the inspiration, design, and style of your wedding. Call us the wish granters. What is important to you, is important to us.




We call this guided planning. We have developed a process that is unrivaled (or unmatched) in our market. Perfect for the couple who has the time to devote to their planning process but desires a lifeline to their Planner.

We oversee your plans by means of our six step process. We are available to answer your questions, offer our wisdom, knowledge, and expertise on every possible matter you may run into.

On the wedding day, our rock star team will care for your every desire. Just so you can enjoy the most magical day of your life.

One of our most important roles for your wedding is the production work that goes into your event. This involves the coordination and management of many tiny little details. The details make the masterpiece!

We advise and collaborate with each and every key player in your event to anticipate issues that may affect the circumstances of the wedding day. We’ll carefully account and prepare for the logistics involved for your event – power requirements for your outdoor tent wedding; coordination of photography in various locations; organizing transportation for guests between the ceremony & reception venues. We have it covered.

The rehearsal practice is just as important – in its own way. It is the preview, and special opportunity for you to ensure your wedding day will happen just as you want – without hiccups, and free of concerns.

We are present to direct, guide, and oversee the entire wedding rehearsal. We will ensure that the officiant, wedding party and other participating members know the location, date, and time. We are available as the “go-to” for emergency or forgotten items so that you – the bride and groom – do not have to be.



peace of mind


CONSULTATION ($250 per hour)










CEREMONY ONLY services (custom pricing)