Love Notes


Photo By | Lily Rose Photography

Jennifer & Victor

We are very happy with how the wedding turned out! It was amazing! Much Love…

.: Bride & Groom :.

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Danitza & Eddie

Thank you so much Sarah! You did a fantastic job! We are both very happy with how everything turned out! We are so fortunate to have come across your services. Thank you for making my vision become a reality! We love you!

.: Bride & Groom :.


Photo By | Scott Campbell Photography

Thank you for the wonderful delicious Food. Thank you for the most beautiful flowers and breathe taking Chuppah. Thank you for the elegant and fantastic tasting wedding cake. Thank you, Sarah for helping me to make it all happen!!!

.: Mother of Bride :.

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Jessie & Jeff

Sarah at La Bella weddings is the most amazing wedding planner you will ever find.

It was because of Sarah that our wedding was more perfect than we could have imagined.  She was so much fun to work with!  Sarah made planning a wedding (something stressful for me) such a fun process, and took all of the stress away.  We interviewed many other wedding planners before choosing Sarah. What she offers is far above and beyond what others offer.  She is so organized that the only thing you will have to remember on your wedding day is to put on your dress.  She pays such close attention to every detail that no flower will be out of place.  She will coordinates all vendors and makes sure each and every one is right where they need to be.  She will cater her services to exactly what you want and need, following your lead but also leading the way when you need her to.  And that was all just leading up to the wedding…

On our actual wedding day, Sarah was there from dawn to dusk, working tirelessly to make sure everything was absolutely perfect.  And it was perfect because of her! She prepared us ahead of time that on our wedding day all we should have to worry about was enjoying the day and she made that happen.  Most importantly, she did it all with a smile on her face.  She was warm, kind, and everyone who met her just loved her.  Sarah is hands down the best wedding planner you will ever come by.

.: Bride and Groom :.