About us



production manager


Laura Jane is an artist, creator, designer, and visionary master. Having worked in the Wedding & Event Industry for over five years has given her an impressive tool belt that most professionals lack. She has varied experience in the fields of catering, sales, floral, and venue. Laura has a strong background in the arts having studied mixed media, large scale installations, and set design; Laura is fully aware of the investment each client takes when booking their photo & video team. All her talents enable her to ensure “inch by inch” the overall event is stunning to view at any angle.



Principal Planner


Sarah’s resume is an impressive one ~ with over 10 years of experience in the Wedding & Event Industry. Her past work includes practice as a floral assistant, onsite venue personnel, event rental specialist, and event coordinator.

Since planning her first event at age nine (a surprise anniversary celebration for her parents) she has gone on to study and become the proud alum of CSUEB’s Class of 2010, Wedding and Event program.

Always the silent puppeteer, she is exceptionally gifted at navigating the complexities of any event, all while making it appear perfectly seamless. Her solid connection with her clients, along with her enthusiasm, and swift problem solving skills make her the best person to have in your corner come the day of your wedding.

Sarah would be honored to plan alongside you, stand behind you, and guide you through the delightful process and adventure of wedding planning.



bridal concierge


Rebecca was raised by two British designers, who both came from a long lineage of hostesses that passed traditions down. Highly personable & polite, very close personal attention to each & every client is key to her.

Personalized customer service is her priority; she is known as "the smiling face”/ “sweet Rebecca” of La Bella. Highly intuitive towards people’s style & taste and fortunate enough to be able to do her passion for a living, she takes her knowledge of other cultures gleaned through world travel, her extensive study of human psychology, & her deep appreciation for aesthetics, beauty and artistic taste, and brings all of this to the table to create the wedding above and beyond her clients dreams.

In her spare time, she enjoys drinking tea, philosophizing, practicing interior design, fashion, & lifestyle blogging, curing her wanderlust bug by traveling, journaling, reading her “book on the go”, and volunteering.

She is fiercely dedicated to her craft, down to the smallest, exquisite detail. She believes in spreading beauty, elegance & love in all things. After all, as she always says, "what is done in love is done well". In the end, she is dedicated to her art of interpreting & bringing each and every client’s unique & individual vision for their special day to life in the most beautiful way that exceeds their grandest dreams.